Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Main Artist Profile: Dozign aka Kris Balerite

18 years and strong Kris mainly grew up in Dubai, he only went back home to take up fine arts in one of Asia's best Art School UST, arm on what he thinks is enough knowledge about art and design he went back to Dubai to try to pursue his career and eventually got Drafted in Ad Agency were all of his kind is only suited for in that time. He quickly got tired of the business at the age of 21 he decided to go Independent for 3 years landing him freelance works in numerous production houses, event organizers, Marketing company, Publishing house & Apparel Design until finally landing him a job to an multinational Ad agency after 4 years. Right now Dozign's 9 to 5 works consist of competition pieces in various design competition on the web were he showcases a wide array of style and techniques in Design & Arts. more of his works soon

Design & Art Influences:
ISO50, Jeff Soto, Mino Manara, David Bray, Shepard Fairey,Doze Green,Yayoi Kusama, NeckFace, Maharishi, Alex Trochut & Futura

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